Sunday, November 29, 2009

mentally disturbed.

honestly speaking,
ak x berada dlm keadaan yg baek in dis couple of weeks.
smpykn ad satu ari yg ak duk diam jep dlm klas to the point where my english teacher was puzzled at my silence dat day.
felt lyke my head is being spun round and round and round
jumbled up everythin inside it
like a big boggle dat i used to play at skool back in the days
it's odd.
VERY odd.
how can u feel happy and at the same time, feel a huge amount of guilt being put upon ur shoulders?
could there be a situation where one understands too much that it makes him/her unable to produce the same understanding for other things afterwards?

i often shudder deep down inside from the sight
my awkwardness
my averageness
my weakness
my gullibility
my ignorance.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

so far...

been ere for about almost half a year.
seems like a short stint but lots hav happened.
saw engraved smiles on the happy faces,
saw some shed tears,
even the occasional shouting and hysterical laughters.

made frens,
it was a lot different to what i've had expected before.
what matters most was the IB stuffs eventho we tend to whine bout em

friends mean a lot more than just ones that we spend time the most wif.
lab reports,
group presentation,
math exercise,
and absolutely assignments.


*in a state of mental disorder*