Thursday, January 20, 2011

i like them.

yes. i do admit to the notion that i like women. i like women too much apparently. i like them too much that i'd fall helplessly for any gal who is nice to me. ANY gal. some may say that i'm a pervert, or whatever but i can't help the fact that i do notice that i am this sort of a person. and i'm fully aware of how this post will totally make me look like a total douche or perv, but i just feel that

and on a side note, i didn't say that i like them in a bad way or anything. it's just a sincere liking from a man to its opposite sex without any disorienting thoughts polluting it. but most of the times, it was just ME being ME admiring Allah's creation of adorable and beautiful women.blame me all you want, but i'm still a maturing teen with a fully functioning testosterone gland. adding a very wobbly set of mind and iman to it, and you'll have the majority of the current population of teen male in front of you. including me.

there are a number of occasions to be proof of this somewhat disturbing (?) illness of mine;
Exhibit A: i fell for a girl who was my classmate in primary school just because she was the first one to approach me when i first transferred to the school. now she's kinda like my best friend. MAYBE.idk.and yeah, she's now in the US, furthering her studies.
Exhibit B: i fell for a girl in highschool because she's nice to me and others in my class.maybe it's because of her voice or tone or whatever. and on the plus side, she's cute. sad ending though. :'(
Exhibit C: i fell for a girl in National Service because she was kinda like the only one girl who was able to strike a healthy and lengthy conversation with me, allowing me to have a purpose of looking forward to another day in that dreaded camp.
Exhibit D: i fell for a girl, online after NS.i know.whaddeheck.just because she sincerely responded to any questions and requests that i made and was also cute too ;p another sad ending.
Exhibit E: a girl online too, because i was one of the people who continuously convinced her of furthering her studies for a course with a future.
Exhibit F: fell for her because she's a lil interesting as i knew nothing much about her but yet i still like her. outer appeal strikes.
Exhibit G: a first time short conversation and lots of hey's and hi's afterwards also made me fell for her. appeal strikes 2nd time. =.=

pathetic, aren't i? maybe it's because of my 'inferiority complex' of not having enough social interaction, causing me to madly like any girl who had lips and can mutter words to me that i can understand and react to.

in the process, i might have at most hurt a heart or two, but i've totally learnt my lesson.
like is not necessarily a rule of thumb that makes you feel that you must own all the things you are fond of. waiting is the best way of out-ruling any absurdity and nuisance plus troubles for the distant future.

and yeah, i do have my sense of an ideal woman. and in the group, sadly, there's none yet that fulfills all.sadly. DEEPly sadly.