Friday, December 26, 2008

today's FRIDAY...

26 dec '08

this morning, i'll be heading 2 cheras 2 send a few stuff 2 my home there as i'll b movin 2 cheras by nex, not goin 2 b onl9 2day....

haven't packed a single thing yet 4 sunday~kinda reluctant 2 even go to da plkn...don't noe y...mayb i jz got 2 comfortable at home n' didn't want 2 get out of my den~LOL

btw, i haven't had breakfast n' i'm freakin hungry ryte now~

p/s: my blog's comment got a few probs, so if there's anything u wish to tell me bout da blog, jz hit me at my myspace or frenster page~ thnx....


Thursday, December 25, 2008 ?!?!

DEC 25th , 2008

2day, i'm packin up a few stuff as my mom is goin 2 move in our family's old house in tmn kota cheras, kl....i'll b joining her there when i'm done with my plkn~
my dad has already called sumone 2 provide us wif a truck to transport our stuffs there...we'll start loading da truck dis evening and insyaAllah da trip 2 kl is goin 2 b made 2mrrow~

da house is in quite a mess ryte now, so i'm quite bz trying 2 help my mom anyway possible...i hope dat evrythin will go on smoothly as planned...

p/S: i'm sure goin 2 miss frens as i ain't got any frens in cheras...(xcept sayo~ of cuz)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

da DAY is comin........


i wuz given about 3 weeks of holiday b4 i hav 2 register at da Muar Stadium on Dec. 28th...
starting from Dec 3rd, i kinda used a lot of my time doin wat i do best which is, wasting tyme~LOL
anyway, evry single morning i wuld wake up, make my bed(a bit)

and hav breakfast on my own as my dad goes 2 work at about 7 a.m while i usualli wake up at 9 a.m :P

then, i proceed to my most loyal fren in da house.... pc~ occasionally play games on it but....watchin japanese and korean dramas is wat i do most on this rig... i've only watch'd a few of the dramas from da extensive collection of my bro

see how TALL does all da dvds' stack up? i wonder when will i finish watchin all of em (this dossn't include da ones stored in his PC at his home in JB~
3 weeks well spent? mayb but at least i'm satisfied dat i do da things dat i wuld surely miss when i'm at PLKN~

p/S:dis is da ticket for da bus dat i hav 2 board 2 reach my plkn camp~da ticket looks quite nice actuali :P

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

5 more days~

i still got 5 more days till da BIGGGGG day.......PLKN~huhu...

tho it's comin closer, da thought about how on earth did I get selected among the hundreds of those in my sko0l still hang around my mind ....i guess da myth of those whu don't wanna go 2 PLKN usually gets picked is quite true~

da 3 dread'd moths will start from dis week n' i hope it will be memorable n' fun~it seem'd 2 almost evry1 whu alreadi went there don't want to go out afetr staying there for about 90 days..

thruout da holz, i got sum news bout my application 4 scholarship programs but...there were disappointing ones tho~ i got reject'd from JAD n' Sime i hopin 4 a gud result 2 open a bigger door of opportunity after da announcement of da SPM result~

p/S: i cook'd dinner 2day!!! huhu LOL (wif a help from an observer of coz but it wuz delicious)


Monday, December 22, 2008


Arsenal onli got a draw (1-1) vs. Liverpool..... wat a blunder but seriously, i wuz filled wif astonishment when Robin van Persie open'd da scoring at da 24th min...

He took down Nasri's long ball through on his chest, before spinning away from a Liverpool challenge and firing past Reina with an unstoppable shot! Brilliant effort!

then~ Robbie Keane jz had 2 spoil da joy when he scored in da 42nd min in da first half..the Irishman hared onto a long punt forward as the Arsenal defence were caught out again, and blasted into the roof of the net~

and dis made arsenal 5th in da EPL table~damn...


i guess tyme does fly pretty quick~

it has bin almost 3 weeks since i've start'd my 3 months holz after da spm exm...i guess i kinda miss evrything dat i usually do at skool; being around frens, goofin around n' basketbal...

durin my last stay at skool, i did lots of things i hav dreamt of doin since i enter'd da skool lyke climbing up da legendary skool water tank.....

..takin da last pic of my loyal companion thruout da exams....

da funny thing is...i never remember'd how my form 1 days was never vivid in the pages of my book of memories....

da last days at skool....made me laugh'd and even....cried but hey~ these feelings show dat i'm still human.....n' i'm alive on Allah's Da ALMighty creation...alhamdulillah~

Sunday, December 21, 2008

muhasabah diri~



dis is my 1st tyme writing such blog...

not actuali a pro at these sort of things...

i'll try my best~