Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st ENCUMBRANCE.turning anew leaf

one may hav not noticed
but i
had to face one thing
dat i feared da most:


in the whole course
of this next 4 weeks
a series of ordeals
will be waiting
i'll be tested
to my limits
can't help myself
to stop worrying

day by day
time seems to pass
very,very quickly
i can't even find myself tyme
how desperate i feel
such a simple word
but da meaning's
so deep..
how hard culd it be
to change
jibun jishin

i wish
a better person
a better individual
a better muslim.

may Allah bless us
HIS guidance
help us
in this
temperate world..

Friday, March 27, 2009


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and do comment.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ter-tag by [fynaz]

1.put ur recently photo first..

2.tagged people who u want to tag

3.answer d questions

gmbr kandid pn boley r ea..? (me, da one in white)

tag people:

~anyone (sespe yg rse die buhsan, try r bwat.)

-1.how r u??

2.who was the last person you hugged?
dono.havn't hug anyone for quite sum tyme.

3.look to ur left,what do u see??..
er..curtains n' a window..

4.where do u like to be the most????
japan.nk jmpe YUI~haha

5.what ur fave film?
ntah r.dh kureng tgk muvee r.

6.what does the last person u commented on fs mean to u??

die klasmate, sat behind me in klas.

7.what did u last laugh about??
tgk show "who's line is it anyway". sumhow, i could understand da jokes n' comics~

8.where was ur default took??
kt skola, mse amek result~

9.what de first thing u look for in a girl/guy??
urm..mayb her attitude. n' her style of clothing (must be decent.)

10.if u still in school,what ur fav lesson??

11.what do u work as/want to work as??
mayb a very sarcastic doctor..lyke Hugh LAurie as Gregory House from da TV series House

12.do u play video game,if so,which is ur fav game??
PES 2009.x abes men league lg.

13.who never fails to make u laugh??
urm...xbrape nk pasti.

14.what r u listening to rite now??
ungkapan2 dialog dlm citer jelita..haha(pc ak dkt ngn living room)

15.who did u last hve sleepover with??
qayum.tp mse cuti akhir tahun form4 dlu (pergh.dh lme gler~)

16.i bet u miss someone,who??
sume dak Experiment5, membe2 baek di Kem Semarak

17.r u happy wif ur life right now??
lyfe? eppy? not too sure bout it but..i'm juz satisfied.

18.why did u last get upset??
xmo bgtaw.

19.who was the last person u texted??
syuhada, dak smaplabu.

20.who do u live with??
meine familie.

21.do u like living wif dem??
ok2. tp they're my family, so i hve to be eppy~

22.who did u last shout at and why??
xke jerit2.

23.r u normally a happy person??

well.usualli i'm happy...

24.what was de last thing u went to see in de movies and wif who??
"race to witch mountain" ngn akmal + zaidi

25.what ur fav food??
bnde2 yg sodap d'mkn n' knyg di perut.haha

26.r u in love??
ntah r.hard to tell.

27.do u remember how u was 3 years ago??
mse tue, baru btol2 knl dunia kt skool n' stat bina sifat gile2(tp dipendam r)

28.if so,does it make u cringe??
cringe? pebende alah tue.

29.if u could be wif sumone right now,who would it be??
my frens~

30.what ur fav thing in ur room??
sme cm fynaz, yakni KATIL!!! port melepak xpn TDOOOOOo.haha

31.if u had 1 wish,what would u wish 4??

wish for happiness n' prosperity in my life wif ALLAH's willing.

32.any last word??
.ak reda.ap nk jdi, jadi r.musti ad hikmahnyer.


-klik on da image for a bigger view-

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tips2 bagi mereka2 yg xbrani/xpndy memsk.

pd ari nie,
smpena b'jyenye ak
b'eksperimen kt dapur td,
ak nk tlg r
org2 yg ad mslh kurg yakin ngn mskn mereka
yakni tkot pe yg ad dlm kuali tue
jd t'amat masin/tawar xpn hangit ala2 arang.

bgi yg nk msk sayur tumis
tp cm mls2 sket nk bwat rencah ke ape ke,
anda cume perlu

1. bwg merah
2. bwg puteh
3. cili merah/ijau
4. garam
5. sayur pilihan (kobis,sawi,kailan dll.)
6. sdikit minyak sayur (lbey sihat r kalo gne minyak nie)
7. ikan bilis (tumbuk/biasa)

kuantiti bhn2 nie ikut citarasa korg.
xde fixed amount.
ikut kreativiti korg xpn thp pelahap korg nk msk brape bnyk.

1. juz pnskan minyak.
2. pastu, tumiskn bwg2 korg + cili + ikan bilis stlh minyak dh ckup pns.
3. bile dh nek bau dier, tmbh garam secukup rse (tp kalo rse cm x masin gk
pas letak 3 sudu garam, korg tuang je satu plastik beg garam dlm tue, bru r sodap)
4. then, msukkn sayur korg td. mse msk tue, jgn lme2 sgt, bagi sayur tue layu sket je. kalo x, ilang sume khasiat dier, yg tinggl juz hampas je.
5. slps tue, dh siap r. idangkn b'sme nasi yg pns yg kenikmatan b'ganda~haha LOL

tue kalo nk msk sayur. tp kalo nk msk lauk,
gntikn sayur ngn lauk korg n' kalo nk pakai cili kisar or kicap
( cnthnye ntuk korg nk wat daging msk kicap atau udang sambal),
masukkn pas step ke-2. tue je. yg len2, ikowt imaginasi korg. eksperimen r sebnyk yg mungkin.mayb korg akn bwat resepi baru yg bakal d'minati family korg.

btw, ak ad resepi eksperimen yg ak br je bwat ptg td.
bagi mereka2 yg ad bwat burger
mahupn hotdog kt umah
xpn hnyelah sandwic telur biase,
korg bley modify telor tue.
Caranye ialah:

masukkn sekeping keju(alah, keju petak yg biase jmpe kt supermarket tue)
yg telah dipotong kpd saiz yg sesuai
ke dlm telur yg korg nk gne tue
dan pukul telur tue ngn keju td.
pasti, dlm telur tue akn rse
keju cair yg slalunyer ad dlm iklan pizahut tue.
test r kalo brani,
for me,
bley thn sdap r.

wif dat, harap nye
ad yg gnekn ilmu nie ngan baek.
selamat beramal~
hehe =D


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

thp ke-BUHSAN-an yg me-LAMPAU!!

dh tyme buhsan2 nie,
men r tag2 ngn anys
which i juz knew 4 a few hours ago~

so, here goes..

[1] Who was your last text from?
qayum..die ajk men bsketball~

[2] Where was your default pic taken?
kem semarak,pekan.
tmpt ak g PLKN.

[3]Your relationship status?

[4] Have you ever lost a close friend?
cm xpenah je..alhamdulillah ad gk cntct2.

[5] What is your current mood?
too BORED dat i could even commit suicide!

[6] What's your brother's name?
muhammad adib(big bro).

[7 ] What's your favorite color(s)?
orange,blue,maroon + kaler2 cerah =)

[8] Where do you wish you were right now?
tyme skola2 dlu, mase form5.
wndooO tyme tue~

[9] Have a crazy side?
mayb ad..tp well hidden.

[10] Ever had a near death experience?
blom lg r..alhamdulillah.
insya Allah, pnjg umur.

[11] Something you do a lot?
surfing + eating + sleep +talking + laughing..(:

[12] Angry at anyone?
angry at myself.. 4 being so **********

[13] What's stopping you from going to the person you like?
coz it doesn't feel ryte n' da tyme hasn't come yet.

[14]When was the last time you cried?
last December mayb.can't remember.

[15] Is there anyone you would do anything for?
myself n' ma family~

[16] What do you think about when you are falling asleep?
boley ke x ak bgn awl sok pg??

[17] Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
my dad.i told him i wuz locked outside da house.

[18] What are your favorite songs?
It's Happy Line,Umbrella - YUI

[19] What are you doing right now?
answering dis tag (credits to anys :P)

[20] Who do you trust right now?
close frens, my mom, my dad, my big bro

[21] Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
don't noe.it's my bro's old shirt.

[22] Have you kissed someone in the past week?
nope. not including my family r

[23] What is your lucky number?
dono...8 bley?

[24] Who are your friends that are closest to you?
i'm not quite sure...tp..cm ad..
from around ere r 4 sure..

[25] Describe your life in one word.
dull...at the moment

[26] Who are you thinking of right now?
bile r dpt taw outcome application intrview biasiswa mara.

[27] What should you be doing right now?
tdo kowt.tp br kul 11.15pm

[28]If you could wish for something over a birthday cake right now what would it be?
wish for nuthing
pray 4 Allah's forgiveness & guidance

[29] What are you listening to?
da sounds of my very, very loud cooling fan in my cpu

[30] Who was the last person who gave you a hug?
my aunt i guess..juz visited her last weekend

[31] Who was the last person who yelled at you?
my dad.pissed off as i didn't do the dishes
(mls r tyme tue...)

[32] Do you act differently around the person you like?

[33] What is your natural hair color?
definitely black.

[34] Who was the last person to make you laugh?
syuhada..die pnye ktawe je bley bwat ak geli ati.

[35] Who will be tagged by u?
any1 whu reads dis post
haha LOL

wei...bior btol~

tatkala ak tgh buhsan m'natap skrin komputer ak,
ak pn try r personality test nie.
x taw r m'nepati ke x.
tp, rse cm ad yg kne r sket2.
korg judge r sendri.
kalo nk try,
nie link dier.


nie result dier.
ad pape, comment r ea

Your view on yourself:
Other people find you very interesting, but you are really hiding your true self. Your friends love you because you are a good listener. They'll probably still love you if you learn to be yourself with them.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Monday, March 23, 2009


br je td ak g check out portal Cikgu Zana
yg smakin popular ngn dak2 Sains Johor
n' ak terjmpe brite t'baru yg amat membanggakan
bg ak sbg salah sorg ahli batch Experiment 5 '08
ak juz akn quote bulat2 ape yg dikarang di portal cikgu t'sebut.

"Semasa perhimpunan rasmi, Tuan Haji Nojumuddin Abd Samad, Pengetua Cemerlang, SMSJ telah membentangkan analisis keputusan SPM 08 secara perbandingan dengan SBP lain. Yang berikut subjek yang berjaya menempatkan diri dalam senarai 10 terbaik:

1. Lukisan Kejuruteraan - no.1
2. Fizik - no. 5
3. Matematik Tambahan - no. 8
Bahasa Inggeris - no. 9

Kedudukan SMSJ di peringkat SBP berdasarkan GPS ialah no.7 berbanding no. 10 pada tahun 2007.

Tahniah kepada semua pelajar dan guru yang telah berusaha untuk meletakkan SMSJ berdiri lebih tinggi daripada SBP premier! Semoga pelajar SPM 2009 akan mencipta kejayaan yang lebih gemilang!"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

aku pulang ke bumi kluang smule???

21 march 2009, Sat.

ak, zaidi, akmal dan iskandar nek bas SNS sesame
pd pagi sabtu tu
ntuk pegi ke rumah ckgu Juliana
yg b'hajat nk wat jamuan ntuk dak2 klas 5Sains1 '08..

kitorg tibe kt umh cikgu Juliana ngan dak2 yg len
pd jam 11.15 pg dlm 3 buah teksi dan 2 buah motorsikal..
kehadiran jejaka2 5S1 pd ari t'sbut agk m'ngecewakn
sbb hnye 13 org shje yg dtg iaitu

syahir , meng , kosong , ruzaini , be , luqman , abrar , bulat , zharif , ak, zaidi , akmal dan iskandar
tp pd ari tu, acho ad gk dtg kluang...tp die x trun g umh ckgu..

yg len2 x dpt dtg d'sbbkn ad kekangan2 yg x dpt dielakkan~
pd ari tu,
ckgu Juliana msk nasi tomato ngn lauknye skali
yg bleh thn sdap kowt sbb dak2 nie t'masuk ak 2-3 kali tmbh nasi..hehe
kt umh cikgu, kitorg pn borak2 r sket..saling m'rapatkn silaturahim..
semangat gk r cikgu nk jamu kitorg sbb msk smpy satu periuk besar nasi tomato
n' siap bwatkn dadih lg tue..

ryte after kitorg abes solat zuhur kt umh ckgu,
kitorg g r men boling n' ad yg g cc,
sbb dh lme x men CounterStrike sesame (kte diorg r..)
ak, zaidi ngn akmal lak g r nengok wayang
tyme tue xde cite yg m'narik sgt
kitorg pn decide r nk tgk cite
"Race To Witch Mountain"
tyme msuk pwgm, agk lenggang r
mayb sbb x ramai org tgk wyg ptg2 nie
(kitorg tgk cite tue kul 4.15pm)
agk bes gak r, x trase m'bazir sgt r beli tket wyg
yg b'harge RM 9 tue..

abes b'sronok kt kluang,
kitorg 4 org pn b'tolak pulg ke muar
pd jam 7pm n' smpy sne dlm kul 9 lbey~

in conclusion,
nk kte bes tue x sgt r
best psl dpt jmpe dak2 nie
trutamenye yg dh stat study kt UTP
susah r t nk jmpe lg cmnie~

so, harapny,
kalo ckgu ad wat mkn2 lg,
jgn r x turun
kesian wei cikgu msk bnyk~
mayb kite jmpe lg r tyme HAC ea..
okies, dat's all 4 now~


Friday, March 20, 2009


tgh ak belek2 video kt youtube,
ak t'rse lak mcm nk tgk video eXperiment5
yg d'tygkn mse Mlm Sumbangsih/Sri Gemilang/ Juara2..
video ad sumthin special sket bg ak r,
so ak amat2 recommend r ntuk korg tgk..
trutamenye ahli2 batch eXperiment5 SM Sains Johor 0408

p/s: lwk gler tyme seron ckp "INFINITY!" ha33 LOL


tp bg rkn2 klas 5Sains1, ak t'jmpe video kompilasi gmbr yg d'bwat oleh sei n' bedek (bukan nama sebenar) kalo x silap..korg tgk je r..

sigh~pe yg ak dh bwat?

bile ak ckp ngan die,
trase cm xde poin pn call memlm bute nie...
tp die lak asyik sruh ak jgn r senyap...
ak t'pkir gak...
ap r yg ak dh wat nie...

0325 hrs
pas super saver ak abes,
ak pn beralih r g pc ak..
try r bukak ym, nk check ad mail x..
la, rpe2 ny ad senior ak onl9 memlm cenggini..
then ak realise gak yg die linkkn status ngn blog die
so, ngn rse curious+buhsan sket2 ak pn klik r link tue

tetibe trus kuar title post dier
bce punye bce smbil m'hayati r pe yg cbe d'smpykn
(dlm ati ckp "mntp gler akk nie..respek r~)
dpt gak r ak blaja sumthing dlm kegelapan mlm nie..
ta'aruf, tabarruj
tp ak x berenti kt ctu...
kt page tue,
ad r cm2 blog len.
so, ak try r bukak one by one..
dan ak trase agk kagum r bile
ak dpt tgk komuniti islamik di dunia cyber nie
menggunekn kelebihan teknologi ntuk m'nyebarkan dakwah~
tabik r ats usahe dowg yg murni tue..
ak ckp cmnie cuz dowg ad m'bntu org2 cm ak
yg dlm pencarian erti hidup sbnr sbg seorang hamba Allah S.W.T
dan umat Rasulullah S.A.W...


dlm perjlnn, m'cari bekalan ntuk mengisi kekurgn~

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diari D' Kem Semarak

11th Jan 2009, Sun.
2310 hrs

cm biase, ak bgn awl (ceh, cm biase sgt je bgn awl2~), bwal solat Subuh pastu tido blk..tp pd pagi td, satu SMS drpd meor (amirah Exprment5) mengejutkn ak dr tdo yg nyenyak... ak pn actuali rse pelik gk r bcos ak x slaloo msg dier tyme kt skolah dlu..so, ak pn lyn r dier jap...

then...tetibe ad satu miskol dr nombor yg x d'knali msuk tyme ak sdp2 lyn meor yg sengal2 sket tue n' pd mse yg sme meor ckp...

meor : wei acap, ad kwn ak nk knl ngn ko la

acap : yeke? spe lak r yg malang sgt nk knl ngn ak tue??

meor : pape la.. ko msg r ngn dier ea...

pastu, ak yg tgh blank nie d'kjotkn skali lg ngn SMS drpd nombor yg x d'knali td..

zati : hey awak, bole knl x? sy kwn meor...

acap : bole kowt..btw, nme awk ape?

zati : nme sy zati. nme awk?

acap : nme sye asyraf..neway, nape lak awk tetibe nk kwn ngn sye nie?

zati : nk kwn pown x bley kew?

bile die ckp cmtu, ak pn stat lyn je r..tp kn, yg pelik nyer, cmne lak r meor t'grak ati dier kasik nombor ak kt
zati..mayb meor dh saket ati kowt ngn ak sbb ak slaloo bebno ngaco dier tyme dpt enset kt kem...in the end, ak dpt r sowg lg kwn kt plkn...tp kt kem yg 226km jauhny dr kem yg ak brade skang.....at least kredit enset ak jln r gk sbb m'lyn die..nge33

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YUI~ sukida..

for those thu don't noe whu the cute gurl in da picture is,
she is called by the name of YUI~

FYI, die r antara japanese musicians yg aku amat2 respek..
die bkn jew cute tp power men gitar (ak sendri pn t'kial2 nk blaja =P)
lagu2 dier simple, tp bwk meaning yg m'dlm gk r
kire b'baloi r tiap2 kali ak cari mksud lirik lagu dier in english..
die ad gak b'lakon dlm filem タイヨウのうた (taiyou no uta=song of the sun)
agk m'nyentuh perasaan r tgk cite tue..
in da muvee, die nyanyi beberapa lagu debut dier cm
It's Happy Line , Skyline , Goodbye Days
for me yg 1st tyme dgr die nyanyi without studio editing,
i was impressed r ngn die nyer nyanyian..
kinda gud actuali..
since then r ak stat suke gler kt minah cute nie..nge33
neway, enjoy r lagu nie..

Its Happy Line - YUI for Amane Kaoru

nge33~ keje giler...

ad satu ari tue..
ak tetibe rse cm nk bwk sumthing for Cikgu JJ tyme jamuan sabtu nie..
ye la, xkn pas ckgu dh masak mcm2, xkn ak nk dtg ngan tgn kosong jew..
mesti r ak bwk ole2 ke pape kew..

d'pendekkn cite,
ak nk g bndr, cari hadiah...tp xde member..
nk ajak qayum, die kt mlake tyme tue..
jd, smase ak ngah msg2 membe yg baru ak knl kt PLKN..
out of da blue ak tetibe tnye whether die nk teman ak g bndr x..
(ak juz ajak2 ayam je, dgn tanggapan yg die akn say "NO" bcoz tue je r jwpn yg slaloOo ak dpt..)
n' suprisingly, she agreed n' even brought her 14-year-old sis wif her..

i mean, c'mon r..
ak dh x penah kuar ngn prmpuan..
tyme ngn die n' adek die,
mmg cuak gler r..
dh r ak sorg je laki2 kt situ..
smpy kpala otak nie hampir2 blank..
tp naseb bek r ak nie jenis yg x bnyk ckp..
so, xde nmpk sgt ak ngah gabra tahap gaban...
tp for me, a new experience r..
(mayb korg pikir ak cm kolot gler sbb x penah kuar ngn pmpuan tp, whu cares~ i hv my principles~)
kne plak,
ak t'pkse duk dpn2 ngan adek dier
smbil die duk sblh adek dier, sedap2 mkn nasi goreng mamak
ak xwat pe sgt r..juz tgkkn die m'jamu slera n' chat sket2

tp cuak tu cuak gk..
ole2 stil kne beli...
so, ak jln2 r pusing bndr muar yg xde bende pown
ngn dua org hamba Allah nie...
Alhamdulillah r, nuthin odd happened..
dan ak x memalukn diri ak kt dpn dowg (i think so~)

mmg keje gler r..
xpenah ak t'pikir i had da guts nk ajk da opposite sex
temankn g jejln ke pape..
kwn pmpuan yg bek ngn ak pun ak x penah nk ajak,
apatah lg org yg ak br je knl 4 a few weeks~

neway, trimas r
kpd org tue n' her sis..
sbb ad gk r bnde yg ak bley blaja
tyme jd 'penanam anggur sambilan' nie
korg ptt rse b'bangge r
sbb korg r gurl frens pertama yg penah teman ak g jejln ~

Monday, March 16, 2009


4th Jan 2009, Sun.
1603 hrs

da worst possible start of my day....i went to surau, alone and of course, there was no one there...then i staye awake till 7.30a.m b4 i went to breakfast n' took my handphone..whu wuld hav thought dat i wuld broke down at da moment i heard my mom's voice on da phone...da agony,pain,suffering...those things kept on circling in ma head when i was talking to her 4 da 2nd tyme since i was held imprisoned in da camp..

i myself did not noe y did i bec0me a weak, incompetent human being dat i was once b4..it made me felt dat i was highly immature as i started sobbing silently wif my phone unfirmly stuck to my ears...geez, i nvr thought dat talking to my mom wuld b dis tough...

now, i've only got an hour or so b4 i hav 2 hand up my phone back to the JL(jurulatih) 4 safekeeping...

evry day i kept on trying to no b too -ive
but y it seems lyke i can't?? it's depressingly painful, it's mentally agonizing and in ONE word, TORTURE dat i havn't find a way to get away from..

2257 hrs

still do not noe where i'll be heading for da comin CNY holz..whether it'll be Muar or Cheras (i juz moved in to a new house in cheras a few days ago)... kinda afraid to go to KL durin da holz cuz i have no one dat i kn0w to accompany me along da bus ride...

Sains Johor Ranking!!!

agk terkejot gk r bile ak bukak blog falah earlier dis evening.. die ad post ranking Sains Johor...tgk r sendri..

1.SASER 1.612
2.KISAS 1.68
3.ASIS 1.754
4.SAMURA 1.83
5.SESTER 1.841
9.SESERI 1.979
10.KUSESS 1.99
12.SEMASHUR 2.014
13.SMSSI 2.005
14.SEMESTA 2.059
15.MCKK 2.073
16.MOZAC 2.084
18.SMAPK 2.11
19.SAS 2.108
20.FARIS PETRA 2.135
23.STJ 2.171
24.SMAPL 2.198
26.STF 2.221
27.SBPI JEMPOL 2.248
28.SEMESRA 2.266
29.SMACH 2.269
30.SMSS 2.289
31.SBPI GOPENG 2.277
32.SMESH 2.321
33.SBPI PEKAN 2.355
35.SERATAS 2.409
36.SEMSAS 2.406
37.SDAR 2.419
39.SHAH PEKAN 2.434
40.SEMESTI 2.447
41.SAKTI 2.444
42.STAR 2.456
43.SOKSEK 2.604

Belum Update :

x terpikir lak aku tyme amek result cuz xde r rse cm gempak sgt..juz t'kejot tyme ckgu khai (GPK pentadbiran) announce yg kitorg duk no. 2 dlm johor, ryte after SAMURA..

neway, congratz to evry EXPERIMENT5 members n' gud luck in da future k~ ingt, perjalanan kite masih jauhhhhh lg..hehe3

Diari D' Kem Semarak

3rd Jan 2009, Sat.
2300 hrs

thru my not-so-innocent eyes, i witness a cultural diversity in this dorm didn't deter any interactive & sarcastic conversation to occur...

Faint sounds of raindrops can still be heard...it's already bin raining ere for two days straight...da slump and dull feeling during these 2 days is due to da continuous rain which inexplicably seemed to be following my moods....empty, loneliness...those feelings sumtymes come and goes but i'll never leave 4ever..


humans..we do hav sadness....n' i tink dat as a normal teen, we don't usualli go spread da words bout it to others..i admit, i
feel sad but for no clear reasons..i'm not sure wheter it was about leaving home, leaving my mom alone by herself in KL or not being able to live comfortably lyke i used to several days ago...

da human mind...it becomes so messed up
when we hav lots of things on it; family, frens, gurls,lyfe itselt....i may suffer from a temporary shutdown sooner or l8r if this keeps going on...

merenung masa depan yg kurang pasti...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Diari D' Kem Semarak b'mule

mayb this seems stupid or gurlush or watever....tp diari nie ak tulis cume ntuk m'ngekalkn tahap kewarasan minda ak slame ak dok kt KEM PLKN SEMARAK, Pekan, Phg yg b'mule pd 28 Disember 2008...
the diary starts now~

31st Dec 2008, Wedn.
1030 hrs

the day was quite rough. it started wif PT(
physical training) at da crack of dawn and continued wif CB class(character building) in da morning...4 me, the class wasn't "that" exciting but still enjoyable.. meanwhile, i'm still waiting for weekdays dat will b more interesting than this..

btw, 2mmrw's goin to b da new year n' da day b4 yesterday was awal muharam...nuthin to do ryte now around ere, juz watchin bebdk dorm melyn Law Kar Weng, dak chinese dorm ak yg sumhow sengal2 ubi sket...adess, mayb he's a bit retarded...mayb


hey, it's me n' me it has always been..(pebende r ak merepek nie ~_~)

neway, ak dh apply 4 sum scholarship programs..asalnye ak nk amek yg bg ak mudah r lyke tesl ke tp bile ak ckp cmtu, hampir sume owg cm m'bntah...
they all said dat, "ngn result ko tue, u shuld do more" xpn, "x b'baloi r kalo ko amek tesl" ...ala2 gtu r diorg ckp...

last2 ak nekad, ak akn amek..............MEDIC!!!! ske ati r org ckp susah ke, kne struggle gler2 ke, keje susah ke..watever r...ak nk tgk sendri sejauh mne ak bley m'cbr diri sendri n' ak nk taw sendri cmne susah medic tue sbnrnye~

papepn, thnx a lot to my seniors n' frens yg tlg kasik idea ntuk ak plan future ak nie yg msih x t'lakar lg...i appreciate it..a lot~thnx u guys~ DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!!! :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

BEBASSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n' SPM~

setelah 3 bulan lmenye aku pergi meninggalkan kmpg hlmn untuk ke Kem PLKN Semarak di Pekan, Pahang, akhirnya

AK DH ABES PLKN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dn akhirnya, ak pulg smule ke rumah pd 11 mac 2009...pergh, seronok die x terkate r.. :D
dpt jugak r ak m'nyambung blog ak yg dh lme x bukak~
dlm posts yg akan dtg, ak akn cbe ntuk m'nyiarkn diari yg ak tulis selame ak berade kt sne untuk tatapan kowg :D

smlm; 12 mac 2009 merupakan tarikh keramat bg sume calon2 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia kerana pd tarikh t'sebut, keputusan SPM dikeluarkan..Jd, pd pagi tersbut, ak dan rakan2 experiment5 bergegas pulang ke bumi SM Sains Johor yg t'chenta bg mengetahui kputusan masing2..sronok gak bila dak2 klas n' dak2 batch dpt gk ak jmpe smule slps 4 bulan x b'jmpe...

syahir, zharif, aku n' iskandar~jejaka idaman =P

jam 10.00pagi, debaran smakin t'rse pabila cikgu khairudin; GPK pentdbiran skolah ak mengumumkan plajr2 yg dpt straight A's. n' bile die sbut nme2 plajar yg dpt perfect score, nme ak jugak t'senarai. Pergh, tyme tu, k'sronoknnya x t'kte..nge33 :)

pastu dlm kul 11 lbey sket, ckgu2 klas dh stat bg2 kn sijil n' result...

abrar tgh belek2 fail LK dier~

cikgu aziz rebu n' ustaz asyraf
paan' n' falah yg pd tyme tu br je smpy

ak sbr m'nunggu gilran~

n' then, bile dh dpt slip keputusan, ak...alah, kowg tgk sendri ah...alhamdulillah, slame nie ak usaha, ak dpt gak habuanny~ syukur pd ALLAH~ tp yg ak x thn ak bley plak dpt A2 ntuk PAI..abes membe ak sume ckp ak kurg agama r, kne tukar agme r...adesss

sblum kitowg gerak blk umh, ckgu2 paggil plak dak2 yg dpt perfect score n' straight a's untuk amek gmbo sesme...seramai 33 org kalo ak xsilap...bangge gak ak ad kwn2 cenggini...huhu =)

n' skrang, ak dlm dilema...dilema dlm memilih course ape yg seswai untuk ak....
any recommendation is welcomed~