Wednesday, October 28, 2009


from sumthing i've seen recently,
the complexity of my mind seemed too interpret life as another toy store that we used to visit during our childhood days.
once we entered the store, we would see other kids with toys that we've never had before and we would see their faces engraved with smiles that we would interpret as the fulfilment of joy and happiness.

having to have seen that, we would like to want to have the same thing as the other kids do eventhough we know that it would mislead us from other priorities like school.but still, we would strive and thrive to get the desired toy by any means necessary.


Anonymous said...

aik...i was like knowing what is the toys meant by u...hurm....asyraf..rileks..the time will come where u will own that toy

nuthead said...

hehe.kalo phm xpe.
tp x penah nk pk pn nk btol2 ad for real~