Sunday, October 16, 2011

dearly beloved, there are letters for you.

when you hear gasps, filled with shock and awe, and coming from a 600+ strong crowd in a surau, you're guaranteed that whatever is happening in there is ought to be good enough to listen to.

January 20th, 2011. 2100 hours. enter the 2nd round, Ustaz Hasnan Kasan.
first time around was a lil bit tamer than he was last night. came here before to share an invaluable knowledge of being khusyuk in solat by fully understanding at heart of all the things that we read under our breath for 5 times, every single day without fail (i hope so).
falling asleep during halfway of the ceramah was me, at the front row, but hiding behind a pillar just near enough to make sure i can still see him without him noticing me sleeping.
the title wasn't that boring.

"it's the best love letter that no one can match and beat, given to all mankind without any issue on differences or discrimination. it's the Quran of course." he said. or something like that.

being muslims ourselves, we take everything for granted. maybe because we are ALL well aware of the fact that regardless of all the sins that we do on this Earth, we'll still end up happily ever after in the land of Paradise or Jannah (syurga). alas, we halfheartedly carried out all of our responsibilities as a Muslim. especially, SOLAT.

it is the compulsory prayer that we MUST do regardless of what conditions that we are in, be it in health, in sickness or in grief. and it is also known as a powerful barrier against any mischievous doings (29:45), hence all the words uttered during the process itself. me myself was kinda reflecting throughout the session but fell asleep much for reflecting huh?


but soon after i woke up, i heard laughs and after that, the ustaz starts mocking nasyid.esp Maher Zain. and why wouldn't anyone not be shocked when someone says that he is one of the 'syaitans' that has changed all his well-behaved students back into their wrongdoing ways?

not saying that maher zain is bad, or music is haram or wtv. it's just the idea of how we accept others' opinion and be smart enough to calm down and start reasoning how and why some would come with such opposing conclusions. this also applies to lots of things.i personally like how ustaz hasnan thinks, and sincerely i like the way him being straight-forward in expressing his ideas as this is the best way for him to connect with the teens that he's dealing with at the time. for others, it may seem vulgar and inappropriate, but he does have a point.

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