Monday, July 19, 2010

me back here.

dh lme SGT aku x membebel kt cnie.
hny disebabkan conscience aku yg menyatakan "buat apa ko tulis, bkn ad pn orang yg bace this rubbish, full-of-yourself story/things. baik ko buat bnde laen, kn,kn? "

tp aku rse skarang, this blog is one way to really pour everything.
from deep down inside to the silly things may ask why; it is simply because i need some method of restraining.
restraining from what, that only i know.
and Allah.

lately, aku mcm sedang menaiki sebuah emotional roller coaster. *walhal taktau pn rse nek coaster cmne, agk2 je sbb x penah merase~*
aku tak sure knape, but i needed some sense of security so much that i pathetically 'begged' them from da ppl around me, regardless of what they were having/facing/feeling/doing at the time.
yes, i am selfish.
and for no good reason.
when i already feel secure and safe, i still somehow manages to slack off at whatever i was doing and do some other useless things.

besides that, i relentlessly forced myself to do stupid things, make stupid decisions. and ended up being in such a mess that i am still in.skarang dh rse mcm org yg bru lpas accident , sedang cube untuk bgun, pick up any valuable pieces yg msih ley gne, and move forward. right now, i'm 'bruised and wounded' but not yet beaten. still got a few more miles to go. keep on rolling bebeh~ :]

p/s: bru prasan, byk bnde yg aku ckp biasenya methaporically.ptut susah org nk phm.oh well.


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iEka said...

salam acap..
long time no see..
and today i had read ur post..
i think u're quite stress lately..
based on your post..
same goes to me...
but remember that
everything is happen for a reason..