Thursday, December 25, 2008 ?!?!

DEC 25th , 2008

2day, i'm packin up a few stuff as my mom is goin 2 move in our family's old house in tmn kota cheras, kl....i'll b joining her there when i'm done with my plkn~
my dad has already called sumone 2 provide us wif a truck to transport our stuffs there...we'll start loading da truck dis evening and insyaAllah da trip 2 kl is goin 2 b made 2mrrow~

da house is in quite a mess ryte now, so i'm quite bz trying 2 help my mom anyway possible...i hope dat evrythin will go on smoothly as planned...

p/S: i'm sure goin 2 miss frens as i ain't got any frens in cheras...(xcept sayo~ of cuz)

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