Wednesday, December 24, 2008

da DAY is comin........


i wuz given about 3 weeks of holiday b4 i hav 2 register at da Muar Stadium on Dec. 28th...
starting from Dec 3rd, i kinda used a lot of my time doin wat i do best which is, wasting tyme~LOL
anyway, evry single morning i wuld wake up, make my bed(a bit)

and hav breakfast on my own as my dad goes 2 work at about 7 a.m while i usualli wake up at 9 a.m :P

then, i proceed to my most loyal fren in da house.... pc~ occasionally play games on it but....watchin japanese and korean dramas is wat i do most on this rig... i've only watch'd a few of the dramas from da extensive collection of my bro

see how TALL does all da dvds' stack up? i wonder when will i finish watchin all of em (this dossn't include da ones stored in his PC at his home in JB~
3 weeks well spent? mayb but at least i'm satisfied dat i do da things dat i wuld surely miss when i'm at PLKN~

p/S:dis is da ticket for da bus dat i hav 2 board 2 reach my plkn camp~da ticket looks quite nice actuali :P

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