Tuesday, December 23, 2008

5 more days~

i still got 5 more days till da BIGGGGG day.......PLKN~huhu...

tho it's comin closer, da thought about how on earth did I get selected among the hundreds of those in my sko0l still hang around my mind ....i guess da myth of those whu don't wanna go 2 PLKN usually gets picked is quite true~

da 3 dread'd moths will start from dis week n' i hope it will be memorable n' fun~it seem'd 2 almost evry1 whu alreadi went there don't want to go out afetr staying there for about 90 days..

thruout da holz, i got sum news bout my application 4 scholarship programs but...there were disappointing ones tho~ i got reject'd from JAD n' Sime Darby...now i hopin 4 a gud result 2 open a bigger door of opportunity after da announcement of da SPM result~

p/S: i cook'd dinner 2day!!! huhu LOL (wif a help from an observer of coz but it wuz delicious)


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