Thursday, March 26, 2009

ter-tag by [fynaz]

1.put ur recently photo first..

2.tagged people who u want to tag

3.answer d questions

gmbr kandid pn boley r ea..? (me, da one in white)

tag people:

~anyone (sespe yg rse die buhsan, try r bwat.) r u??

2.who was the last person you hugged?
dono.havn't hug anyone for quite sum tyme.

3.look to ur left,what do u see??..
er..curtains n' a window..

4.where do u like to be the most????
japan.nk jmpe YUI~haha

5.what ur fave film?
ntah r.dh kureng tgk muvee r.

6.what does the last person u commented on fs mean to u??

die klasmate, sat behind me in klas.

7.what did u last laugh about??
tgk show "who's line is it anyway". sumhow, i could understand da jokes n' comics~

8.where was ur default took??
kt skola, mse amek result~

9.what de first thing u look for in a girl/guy??
urm..mayb her attitude. n' her style of clothing (must be decent.)

10.if u still in school,what ur fav lesson??

11.what do u work as/want to work as??
mayb a very sarcastic doctor..lyke Hugh LAurie as Gregory House from da TV series House u play video game,if so,which is ur fav game??
PES 2009.x abes men league lg.

13.who never fails to make u laugh??
urm...xbrape nk pasti.

14.what r u listening to rite now??
ungkapan2 dialog dlm citer jelita..haha(pc ak dkt ngn living room)

15.who did u last hve sleepover with?? mse cuti akhir tahun form4 dlu (pergh.dh lme gler~)

16.i bet u miss someone,who??
sume dak Experiment5, membe2 baek di Kem Semarak

17.r u happy wif ur life right now??
lyfe? eppy? not too sure bout it but..i'm juz satisfied.

18.why did u last get upset??
xmo bgtaw.

19.who was the last person u texted??
syuhada, dak smaplabu.

20.who do u live with??
meine familie. u like living wif dem??
ok2. tp they're my family, so i hve to be eppy~

22.who did u last shout at and why??
xke jerit2.

23.r u normally a happy person??

well.usualli i'm happy...

24.what was de last thing u went to see in de movies and wif who??
"race to witch mountain" ngn akmal + zaidi

25.what ur fav food??
bnde2 yg sodap d'mkn n' knyg di perut.haha

26.r u in love??
ntah r.hard to tell. u remember how u was 3 years ago??
mse tue, baru btol2 knl dunia kt skool n' stat bina sifat gile2(tp dipendam r)

28.if so,does it make u cringe??
cringe? pebende alah tue.

29.if u could be wif sumone right now,who would it be??
my frens~

30.what ur fav thing in ur room??
sme cm fynaz, yakni KATIL!!! port melepak xpn TDOOOOOo.haha

31.if u had 1 wish,what would u wish 4??

wish for happiness n' prosperity in my life wif ALLAH's willing.

32.any last word??
.ak reda.ap nk jdi, jadi r.musti ad hikmahnyer.