Sunday, March 15, 2009

Diari D' Kem Semarak b'mule

mayb this seems stupid or gurlush or diari nie ak tulis cume ntuk m'ngekalkn tahap kewarasan minda ak slame ak dok kt KEM PLKN SEMARAK, Pekan, Phg yg b'mule pd 28 Disember 2008...
the diary starts now~

31st Dec 2008, Wedn.
1030 hrs

the day was quite rough. it started wif PT(
physical training) at da crack of dawn and continued wif CB class(character building) in da morning...4 me, the class wasn't "that" exciting but still enjoyable.. meanwhile, i'm still waiting for weekdays dat will b more interesting than this..

btw, 2mmrw's goin to b da new year n' da day b4 yesterday was awal muharam...nuthin to do ryte now around ere, juz watchin bebdk dorm melyn Law Kar Weng, dak chinese dorm ak yg sumhow sengal2 ubi sket...adess, mayb he's a bit retarded...mayb

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