Monday, December 13, 2010

i've been meaning to tell you this.

at first when i knew your name, and saw your face, i think sincerely that you were cute. JUST cute.and the fact that you are among the few (2nd) friend from the east coast at the time, i was looking forward to knowing you more and if possible, have a chance to befriend you. but after a few blogposts, comments and chat sessions, i think that y0u are just a superb girl whom i can instantly bond with, share jokes, tell stories and trust with a few secrets (p/s: i don't know whether it's the same for you). and believe me, there's not many people whom i can do that with. and the fact that you're just brilliant (despite the fact that you kept denying it), because you came up with soo much witty and silly things that really made my day. and even though you admit that you can't handle well with emotion things but you kept your composure and bear with the silly things at i kept on throwing at you.

now, you've made it so far on the decision that i thought you would surely excel in. but i hate the fact that our different lives have made it difficult for me to once again, strike a healthy and lengthy conversation with you. i'm tired of losing sooo many good friends from the past couple of years and i hope that you wouldn't be one of 'em.

dedicated to a friend named ainna emira e.zani, Sept 14 1991, Kerteh, Chem Eng UTP. :)

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Ainna Emira said...

:') touched. thank you!